Ride With The Guilt

Two women meet up in a car during a rainy night. One of them is bloody dirty, confused and visibly distressed, the other woman is calmly seeking for answers. One crime has been committed, only one of them knows why.
Dario Bocchini
Co-Producer/Script Editor
Victor De Almeida
Director of Photography
Archie Guinchard
Filomena Ianniciello

They say about the film

Bocchini’s short is seductive exercise in misdirection, and the director isn’t afraid to embrace his stylistic side as his protagonist’s inner turmoil is vividly portrayed in her descending surroundings.

Ride With The Guilt takes the trope of the bunny-boiler and casts it into a vitally ambiguous light. Bocchini refuses to answer our questions as to who has wronged whom here, but instead transports the horror femme and her Shakespearean thirst for revenge into the contemporary framework of mental illness, identity and motherhood with unambiguously triumphant results.”